EMRA 2017 Annual Open House

Sunday Only! October, 1st, 2017, 10AM - 4:30PM at the Frieght Shed, Fort Edmonton Park Come see the Monashee Pacific Railroad in action. Get an inside look at this large HO scale layout. Watch the trains. Visit the lower level to see all the changes of the past year. Surplus equipment sale. Complete your magazine collection $1 for a package of 5. Admission FREE!

Get Rid of Annoying Nusance Calls
Tired of annoying calls trying to sell everything you will never need? Asking surveys about absolute rubbish? They won't leave you alone for a second to eat lunch or supper! How do they know your number? Can I get them to stop?
The answer is YES! The professional phoning is very typically using a computer to dial your number. Recently dialers will call multiple numbers and whoever answers first gets the message.
Tip 1: Let your phone ring for 3 or 4 rings before answering. The telemarketer will bother someone else.
Tip 2: "Do Not Call" lists. The internet now has access to government "Do Not Call" lists. Add in your phone number and any of your friends phone numbers. If a telemarketter/surveyor call happens tell them you want to be on their "Do Not Call" list.
Tip 3: Record the following three tone message on the beginning of your answering machine outgoing message. Many telemarketer/surveyor use computers to dial phone numbers. If that computer "hears" a these three tones, it will assume your phone number doesn't exist and automatically delete your number from it's database. These tones are same tones that phone companies have always used for disconnected/unknown phone numbers.
  • You need a computer with sound capabilities and have your answering machine by one of the speakers.
  • Click on the following link. 3 Tones to discourage nusance calls
  • You should hear the three tones. This file is a standard wave file format. If it does not play correctly then check for a program called WinAmp. I know for a fact it will play through WinAmp software.
  • Now record a new outgoing message first with the three tones and then your normal message.
That's it! For the next few weeks allow your answering machine to pick up the phone particularly around meal times.

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